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Neck Pain – Tips for Relief

Neck pain is a common syndrome that affects millions of people worldwide. There are many reasons why neck pain occurs, and many different types of treatment. An effective way to treat and alleviate neck pain at home is with TheraPosition™, a patent-pending system for home care treatment. TheraPosition™ can assist patients and mild “day at the office” sufferers to have a higher quality of life.

The benefits of TheraPosition™ to your neck as a comfort device are great. It is designed to be just like the professional beds that you see at the chiropractic office, or the massage house. It was designed with anatomy in mind, to correctly put the spine into a neutral position. The spine is easily contoured, for better and for worse, so it is necessary to have a good system to keep your spine normal, and in a neutral position.

Neck pain is painful, and it has been routinely studied. TheraPosition™ is a good home treatment option that might save you an extra trip to the doctor. Please use TheraPosition™ in conjunction with professional therapy. Please consult with a doctor first to decide on the best regimen for your neck pain care. Ask a chiropractor about his special patient bed, and he will tell you how it benefits your neck care. The TheraPosition™ is very similar to a bed at the chiropractor’s office, and TheraPosition™ may be a good home treatment option in conjunction with rehabilitative exercises put together by your medical professional.

Neck pain stems from too much usage of either the muscle group in the neck, or else a strain to the vertebrae.

Neck pain may originate from bad posture or a muscle sprain with overexerted usage. You should give adequate rest and gain from home care procedures from your doctor or professional physical therapist to find relief. If you have a chiropractor, TheraPosition™ may be a useful home therapy as well.

The TheraPosition™ does not directly provide chiropractic treatment, but chiropractic therapy provides a good lens with which to see why and how TheraPosition™ may work. In theory, much pain in the body comes from a spinal misalignment. Chiropractors use several techniques to directly manipulate the spine. It is called a spinal adjustment, and the entire vertebrae and spinal column may be worked upon. The neck spine is called the cervical spine. TheraPosition™ may help to align the spine in a neutral position, because the design of TheraPosition™ allows the head to contour around an open space, which lets you lie on your stomach. It is adjustable so that it fits onto the bed well.

TheraPosition™ may also help to induce relaxation of the neck muscles. Muscles tense up because of emotional stress, or high-stress lifestyles. It may also tense up because of sitting in an upright position for too long. TheraPosition™ is designed to attach to your bed, so you can use it in your own bedroom. You may even sleep on it, although it is necessary to check with professional advice. The patent is for its unique design and special place in the market for head and neck rest. TheraPosition™ works much better than a pillow for neck pain, or even the Swiss memory foam pillows you may see for hundreds of dollars at specialty stores. TheraPosition™ also works better than a specialty mattress, which is designed for back comfort and not directly for the spine. In fact, a specialty mattress that is incorrectly utilized may do more damage, as it distributes weight onto the neck spine. With the help of your doctor, neck pain medical conditions can be accomodated effectively and without side effect.

Neck pain has root causes that may stem from a muscle dysfunction to a bone dysfunction.

TheraPosition™ may be useful for cases of whiplash, as a way to relax the neck bones. By resting your neck in a neutral position, you may be encouraged to relax as well. By relaxing you improve blood flow to the region, which will aid in helping the muscles to release from any contractions. It may stop muscles spasms from occurring. Your body will produce endorphins, which are a natural pain killer. Eventually, you may develop greater pain tolerance as well. TheraPosition™ may be usual in a controlled home treatment environment that your doctor prescribes along with medication, or other exercise designed to strengthen your neck.

Try TheraPosition™ today to bring up your quality of life. Everyone deserves to be pain-free and it is a good way to reduce your neck pain.

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Massage Tips

Soothing Home Massage Tips
Massages are one of the best ways to relieve your body of physical stress. It helps relieve muscular and joint pains, and helps improve the circulation of blood in your body. Massage therapy is also a good way to keep yourself young, healthy, and physically active. Even athletes get regular massage to keep them in form. However, consistent therapy similar to that can be quite expensive. This article will offer the best home massage tips that gives you that relaxing and relieving aura we all deserve once a while.

Thumbs Up
Your thumb is the MOST IMPORTANT tool in giving a great massage. Not only is this the most powerful finger in your hand, it is also ideal for giving the perfect massage because of its structure. It is rounded on the last joint, and exerts a powerful pressure when you position it in an angle with the four of your other fingers. Many different uses can be exerted with the thumb and you should them lightly to see which movements soothe your partner or friend rather than hurt them.

When Giving a Back Rub
Start with the area behind the shoulders. Place your thumb lightly on the back, with your four other fingers resting on the shoulders. Gently press on the back with your thumb, and give it a circular motion. You will realize that you get a more precise pressure when your thumbs are positioned horizontally facing each other on the back. This gives you a more precise pinpointing skill as you feel the pressure spots with the tips of your thumb. Concentrate on the slight crevices you feel on the muscle area; this is where all the stress is located.

Massage Tip: The Pianist
Now this is a very interesting pick from all the home massage tips you can perform even when you are not experienced. It takes a lot of energy, but this feels amazing when you do it on your partner. Have your partner lie down on his/her front. Place your four long fingers directly on the back, and run this up and down while alternately pushing each finger down, like you would on a piano. You want to alternate this tip with other home massage tips provided, as using the four fingers to exert pressure on the back can be tiresome after a couple of minutes.

Massage Tip: Palm Action
You can do a variety of massage techniques with your palm, particularly with the area supporting your thumb. While your partner is lying on his/her back, press the palm on the area directly below the neck under the shoulders, and apply a circular pressure using the palm. What separates this tip from the previous home massage tips is that you can only do this one hand at a time. Start with the right back area using your right hand, and use your left hand to steady the person you are massaging.

Massage Tip: Head Massage
This is the simplest of all home massage tips stated that you can perform using only your index fingers. You do not need to apply much pressure, since you are working on the forehead and temple area, which is sensitive to pressure. Start the massage by gently pressing your index fingers on the area between the eyebrows. Gently run your fingers from the middle area of the brow upward. Continue this fluid motion making sure that you apply little pressure. Continue this process for about one minute, then press your fingers on the middle and rub them sideways going to the temple, where you can do the same motion. Your partner will feel very relaxed and sleepy after you perform these home massage tips, he will feel as if he were in an at-home spa. These will take practice and experience to perfect, so keep on doing them and provide the gift of a spa at home.

Neck Pain Headache Causes

Neck pain headache is a condition that is medically known as cervical headache, or cervicogenic headache. It is a specialized headache that occurs in conjunction with neck pain. We will explore the clinical observations of this condition, as well as some anatomy and ways to manage the pain.

The severity of a headache is often linked to the physical stimuli, such as the neck pain, although true severity is felt and perceived by our brains. It is hard to measure objectively how much pain a person is in, besides asking them directly. Pain perception and headaches are intricately linked, especially in the case of neck pain headache. These headaches may also occur alongside dizziness. The patterns and locations of the headache are in the lower (posterior) neck, and do not tend to merge upwards. It does not shift side to side like migraines, and the pain is not a shooting pain. It is an aching that is dull, and not sharp. This is the locale of the disorder, which is common in all people. However, the degree of severity and perception of pain differs in every person. Pain reception and perception are based entirely in the mind’s perception, due to varying ways in which the nervous system functions.

This is why experiences of pain are very personal and hard to categorize. In nursing, a scale of 1 to 10 was created to diagnose perception of pain in patients, solely because in the past, patients were triaged according to their reported disorder. However, some patients were clearly in more pain from the same conditions and syndromes. While this scale was created to help medical professionals, laypersons can use it to keep track of their pain levels.

It is easier to study bodily pain clinically by further classifying based by length of duration.

Neck pain headache and neck pain in general can be divided into 3 camps: acute, subacute, and chronic.

The first two are pains that occur abruptly, and may increase in intensity. Acute pain is recognized as about a month or less of enduring pain. Subacute pain means theneck pain headache must last between 1 month and six months of time. Then there is chronic pain, which is diagnosed for anything longer. Chronic pain may start with a traumatic event, such as an accident, or it may start and never stop, as in degenerative conditions. With neck pain headache, you receive bursts of dull pain, but it starts and stops like a migraine—quite unpredictably, in a way.

It is hard to directly pinpoint what prompts or triggers an episode of headache in general, although often there is a stressor. Because neck pain headache is similar to a tension headache or migraine, as often it is emotional stress, or physical stress of some type. Because cervical headaches are linked to whiplash cases, these headaches may occur because of direct neck pain in the spinal discs.

Neck pain headache stems from a type of back pain to the upper spine, where the neck is located. This upper spine is called the cervical spine, and consists of 7 vertebrae. Vertebrae are labeled by the type of spine location (C cervical spine), then numbered from top to bottom in descending order. Pain often converges along the brainstem location, which is near C3.

Say no to a neck pain headache!

With TheraPosition™ you can effectively bring comfort and help to reset the pain away!

Neck pain headaches are brought on by muscle tension, which then turns into a headache as pain shoots further up. It might come from whiplash. TheraPosition™ allows your spine to get into a neutral position, which may reduce the pressure caused by physical neck pain. This in turns reduces your neck pain headache! TheraPosition™ should be used in bed, by attaching to your bedside for comfort therapy! TheraPosition™ is a patented system that may help to bring comfort during your usage. It may help to calm down the nerves and bring in relaxation response, by reducing the physical triggers associated with neck pain. For example, in cases of whiplash, TheraPosition™ provides a stable environment for lying on your back without the need to move your head. This might reduce the muscles spasms, which could in turn ease the muscles and turn off the location of pain, reducing your neck pain headache naturally. TheraPosition™ is a device that may be useful in a doctor’s home care regimen.

Please consult about TheraPosition™ with medical professional advice to find out what is the best care in your situation.

Neck Pain Relief Without Drugs

Everyone deserves to have neck pain relief. The TheraPosition™ system is an excellent home remedy that is patented and designed to complement the anatomy of the spinal column. It can assist you to have a higher quality of life. TheraPosition™ is different than the rest and is effective in comforting your tired neck. TheraPosition™ may be useful alongside different complementary therapies.

Unlike regular pillows and mattresses, the TheraPosition™ has unique benefits in its design that can bring rest to wary home treatment patients seeking neck pain relief. It allows patients to lie down and experience a similar experience to a professional therapy table right in bed! This is a good starting position from which to begin specialized routines for relaxing the muscles.


TheraPosition™ can be good equipment for alternative therapy. Besides conventional medical approaches at the doctor’s office, there are a wide variety of complementary and alternative therapies that can benefit and bring neck pain relief. This includes the wide spectrum of treatments like massage, yoga, and acupuncture and chiropractic therapy. The TheraPosition™ is like the head rest of many of these complementary professional massage beds. Complementary therapy is often sworn by neck pain sufferers to bring Neck pain relief. Many patients come to complementary therapy with intentions to reduce the medications they are on. Others are looking to finding further neck pain relief that pills haven’t brought. Some types of complementary medicine seem to help for awhile, and others seem to be more effective for longer periods of time. Depending on what works best for you as decided by a doctor, these therapies can help aid your back and neck in healing naturally and much faster too.

Neck pain relief can also come through a mind-body therapy. Using TheraPosition™ is a good way to start a mind-body therapy because it acts as a massage table, helping you to access better the “relaxation response.” This term was coined by Harvard researchers to represent techniques that induce amazing rest, including progressive muscle relaxation. For home therapy in conjunction with a doctor’s orders, TheraPosition™ can be a good position from which to start many rehabilitative exercises, because the spine is in closer to being in a neutral position. The relaxation response may be what contributes to the notion of bed rest, as your whole body gets a chance to lie down and just melt away any pain naturally. Let your body rebuild itself, the muscles, and repair any damages better with TheraPosition™!

One technique that benefits from a good medical bed is progressive muscle relaxation. You relax your whole body in an attempt to root out the tensions– this should be good from neck pain relief too. Here, you relax muscles groups in sequence, coordinated by breath control. You may find a recording on cd or audiotape to play instructions the first time. You are stretching the muscle groups of your body here. For example, here is a routine. Start by making a fist and tightening it for 10 seconds each, then release it. Now flex your feet out for 10 seconds and hold it. Take some deep breaths, then hold a breath for 10 seconds before releasing. Lift your shoulders up and hold it for 10 seconds before relaxing. Pull your chin down to your neck for 10 seconds.

Try out these simple relaxing methods along with the TheraPosition™, and see if this approach is great for neck pain relief!

Another mind-body therapy is called Alexander Technique. It is designed by a singer in the early 1930s to try and regain back her voice, after losing its abilities due to stress and burnout. It can be good for overcoming bad habits leading to neck pain relief. This approach trains you to recognize good posture by conditioning yourself to overcome bad habits. There is often a teacher who watches you do basic movements like looking up or down. He lightly touches and adjusts your movement until certain actions are more pain free. You train your body’s balance, breath, and posture to be freer of tension and strain.

Muscle relaxation techniques are used at the chiropractor’s office and the massage office all the time. These include using tools to manipulate the back, or the specialized training of masseurs. The TheraPosition™ provides upgrade for your bedding into a way for no pain lying on your stomach, so you can give yourself a good place for icing any pains, stretching and even home-based massage! Your bed can become an advanced station or workbench for good spinal health and neck pain relief.

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