Neck Pain Relief Without Drugs

Everyone deserves to have neck pain relief. The TheraPosition™ system is an excellent home remedy that is patented and designed to complement the anatomy of the spinal column. It can assist you to have a higher quality of life. TheraPosition™ is different than the rest and is effective in comforting your tired neck. TheraPosition™ may be useful alongside different complementary therapies.

Unlike regular pillows and mattresses, the TheraPosition™ has unique benefits in its design that can bring rest to wary home treatment patients seeking neck pain relief. It allows patients to lie down and experience a similar experience to a professional therapy table right in bed! This is a good starting position from which to begin specialized routines for relaxing the muscles.


TheraPosition™ can be good equipment for alternative therapy. Besides conventional medical approaches at the doctor’s office, there are a wide variety of complementary and alternative therapies that can benefit and bring neck pain relief. This includes the wide spectrum of treatments like massage, yoga, and acupuncture and chiropractic therapy. The TheraPosition™ is like the head rest of many of these complementary professional massage beds. Complementary therapy is often sworn by neck pain sufferers to bring Neck pain relief. Many patients come to complementary therapy with intentions to reduce the medications they are on. Others are looking to finding further neck pain relief that pills haven’t brought. Some types of complementary medicine seem to help for awhile, and others seem to be more effective for longer periods of time. Depending on what works best for you as decided by a doctor, these therapies can help aid your back and neck in healing naturally and much faster too.

Neck pain relief can also come through a mind-body therapy. Using TheraPosition™ is a good way to start a mind-body therapy because it acts as a massage table, helping you to access better the “relaxation response.” This term was coined by Harvard researchers to represent techniques that induce amazing rest, including progressive muscle relaxation. For home therapy in conjunction with a doctor’s orders, TheraPosition™ can be a good position from which to start many rehabilitative exercises, because the spine is in closer to being in a neutral position. The relaxation response may be what contributes to the notion of bed rest, as your whole body gets a chance to lie down and just melt away any pain naturally. Let your body rebuild itself, the muscles, and repair any damages better with TheraPosition™!

One technique that benefits from a good medical bed is progressive muscle relaxation. You relax your whole body in an attempt to root out the tensions– this should be good from neck pain relief too. Here, you relax muscles groups in sequence, coordinated by breath control. You may find a recording on cd or audiotape to play instructions the first time. You are stretching the muscle groups of your body here. For example, here is a routine. Start by making a fist and tightening it for 10 seconds each, then release it. Now flex your feet out for 10 seconds and hold it. Take some deep breaths, then hold a breath for 10 seconds before releasing. Lift your shoulders up and hold it for 10 seconds before relaxing. Pull your chin down to your neck for 10 seconds.

Try out these simple relaxing methods along with the TheraPosition™, and see if this approach is great for neck pain relief!

Another mind-body therapy is called Alexander Technique. It is designed by a singer in the early 1930s to try and regain back her voice, after losing its abilities due to stress and burnout. It can be good for overcoming bad habits leading to neck pain relief. This approach trains you to recognize good posture by conditioning yourself to overcome bad habits. There is often a teacher who watches you do basic movements like looking up or down. He lightly touches and adjusts your movement until certain actions are more pain free. You train your body’s balance, breath, and posture to be freer of tension and strain.

Muscle relaxation techniques are used at the chiropractor’s office and the massage office all the time. These include using tools to manipulate the back, or the specialized training of masseurs. The TheraPosition™ provides upgrade for your bedding into a way for no pain lying on your stomach, so you can give yourself a good place for icing any pains, stretching and even home-based massage! Your bed can become an advanced station or workbench for good spinal health and neck pain relief.


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