Neck Pain Headache Causes

Neck pain headache is a condition that is medically known as cervical headache, or cervicogenic headache. It is a specialized headache that occurs in conjunction with neck pain. We will explore the clinical observations of this condition, as well as some anatomy and ways to manage the pain.

The severity of a headache is often linked to the physical stimuli, such as the neck pain, although true severity is felt and perceived by our brains. It is hard to measure objectively how much pain a person is in, besides asking them directly. Pain perception and headaches are intricately linked, especially in the case of neck pain headache. These headaches may also occur alongside dizziness. The patterns and locations of the headache are in the lower (posterior) neck, and do not tend to merge upwards. It does not shift side to side like migraines, and the pain is not a shooting pain. It is an aching that is dull, and not sharp. This is the locale of the disorder, which is common in all people. However, the degree of severity and perception of pain differs in every person. Pain reception and perception are based entirely in the mind’s perception, due to varying ways in which the nervous system functions.

This is why experiences of pain are very personal and hard to categorize. In nursing, a scale of 1 to 10 was created to diagnose perception of pain in patients, solely because in the past, patients were triaged according to their reported disorder. However, some patients were clearly in more pain from the same conditions and syndromes. While this scale was created to help medical professionals, laypersons can use it to keep track of their pain levels.

It is easier to study bodily pain clinically by further classifying based by length of duration.

Neck pain headache and neck pain in general can be divided into 3 camps: acute, subacute, and chronic.

The first two are pains that occur abruptly, and may increase in intensity. Acute pain is recognized as about a month or less of enduring pain. Subacute pain means theneck pain headache must last between 1 month and six months of time. Then there is chronic pain, which is diagnosed for anything longer. Chronic pain may start with a traumatic event, such as an accident, or it may start and never stop, as in degenerative conditions. With neck pain headache, you receive bursts of dull pain, but it starts and stops like a migraine—quite unpredictably, in a way.

It is hard to directly pinpoint what prompts or triggers an episode of headache in general, although often there is a stressor. Because neck pain headache is similar to a tension headache or migraine, as often it is emotional stress, or physical stress of some type. Because cervical headaches are linked to whiplash cases, these headaches may occur because of direct neck pain in the spinal discs.

Neck pain headache stems from a type of back pain to the upper spine, where the neck is located. This upper spine is called the cervical spine, and consists of 7 vertebrae. Vertebrae are labeled by the type of spine location (C cervical spine), then numbered from top to bottom in descending order. Pain often converges along the brainstem location, which is near C3.

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