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Soothing Home Massage Tips
Massages are one of the best ways to relieve your body of physical stress. It helps relieve muscular and joint pains, and helps improve the circulation of blood in your body. Massage therapy is also a good way to keep yourself young, healthy, and physically active. Even athletes get regular massage to keep them in form. However, consistent therapy similar to that can be quite expensive. This article will offer the best home massage tips that gives you that relaxing and relieving aura we all deserve once a while.

Thumbs Up
Your thumb is the MOST IMPORTANT tool in giving a great massage. Not only is this the most powerful finger in your hand, it is also ideal for giving the perfect massage because of its structure. It is rounded on the last joint, and exerts a powerful pressure when you position it in an angle with the four of your other fingers. Many different uses can be exerted with the thumb and you should them lightly to see which movements soothe your partner or friend rather than hurt them.

When Giving a Back Rub
Start with the area behind the shoulders. Place your thumb lightly on the back, with your four other fingers resting on the shoulders. Gently press on the back with your thumb, and give it a circular motion. You will realize that you get a more precise pressure when your thumbs are positioned horizontally facing each other on the back. This gives you a more precise pinpointing skill as you feel the pressure spots with the tips of your thumb. Concentrate on the slight crevices you feel on the muscle area; this is where all the stress is located.

Massage Tip: The Pianist
Now this is a very interesting pick from all the home massage tips you can perform even when you are not experienced. It takes a lot of energy, but this feels amazing when you do it on your partner. Have your partner lie down on his/her front. Place your four long fingers directly on the back, and run this up and down while alternately pushing each finger down, like you would on a piano. You want to alternate this tip with other home massage tips provided, as using the four fingers to exert pressure on the back can be tiresome after a couple of minutes.

Massage Tip: Palm Action
You can do a variety of massage techniques with your palm, particularly with the area supporting your thumb. While your partner is lying on his/her back, press the palm on the area directly below the neck under the shoulders, and apply a circular pressure using the palm. What separates this tip from the previous home massage tips is that you can only do this one hand at a time. Start with the right back area using your right hand, and use your left hand to steady the person you are massaging.

Massage Tip: Head Massage
This is the simplest of all home massage tips stated that you can perform using only your index fingers. You do not need to apply much pressure, since you are working on the forehead and temple area, which is sensitive to pressure. Start the massage by gently pressing your index fingers on the area between the eyebrows. Gently run your fingers from the middle area of the brow upward. Continue this fluid motion making sure that you apply little pressure. Continue this process for about one minute, then press your fingers on the middle and rub them sideways going to the temple, where you can do the same motion. Your partner will feel very relaxed and sleepy after you perform these home massage tips, he will feel as if he were in an at-home spa. These will take practice and experience to perfect, so keep on doing them and provide the gift of a spa at home.


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