Neck Pain – Tips for Relief

Neck pain is a common syndrome that affects millions of people worldwide. There are many reasons why neck pain occurs, and many different types of treatment. An effective way to treat and alleviate neck pain at home is with TheraPosition™, a patent-pending system for home care treatment. TheraPosition™ can assist patients and mild “day at the office” sufferers to have a higher quality of life.

The benefits of TheraPosition™ to your neck as a comfort device are great. It is designed to be just like the professional beds that you see at the chiropractic office, or the massage house. It was designed with anatomy in mind, to correctly put the spine into a neutral position. The spine is easily contoured, for better and for worse, so it is necessary to have a good system to keep your spine normal, and in a neutral position.

Neck pain is painful, and it has been routinely studied. TheraPosition™ is a good home treatment option that might save you an extra trip to the doctor. Please use TheraPosition™ in conjunction with professional therapy. Please consult with a doctor first to decide on the best regimen for your neck pain care. Ask a chiropractor about his special patient bed, and he will tell you how it benefits your neck care. The TheraPosition™ is very similar to a bed at the chiropractor’s office, and TheraPosition™ may be a good home treatment option in conjunction with rehabilitative exercises put together by your medical professional.

Neck pain stems from too much usage of either the muscle group in the neck, or else a strain to the vertebrae.

Neck pain may originate from bad posture or a muscle sprain with overexerted usage. You should give adequate rest and gain from home care procedures from your doctor or professional physical therapist to find relief. If you have a chiropractor, TheraPosition™ may be a useful home therapy as well.

The TheraPosition™ does not directly provide chiropractic treatment, but chiropractic therapy provides a good lens with which to see why and how TheraPosition™ may work. In theory, much pain in the body comes from a spinal misalignment. Chiropractors use several techniques to directly manipulate the spine. It is called a spinal adjustment, and the entire vertebrae and spinal column may be worked upon. The neck spine is called the cervical spine. TheraPosition™ may help to align the spine in a neutral position, because the design of TheraPosition™ allows the head to contour around an open space, which lets you lie on your stomach. It is adjustable so that it fits onto the bed well.

TheraPosition™ may also help to induce relaxation of the neck muscles. Muscles tense up because of emotional stress, or high-stress lifestyles. It may also tense up because of sitting in an upright position for too long. TheraPosition™ is designed to attach to your bed, so you can use it in your own bedroom. You may even sleep on it, although it is necessary to check with professional advice. The patent is for its unique design and special place in the market for head and neck rest. TheraPosition™ works much better than a pillow for neck pain, or even the Swiss memory foam pillows you may see for hundreds of dollars at specialty stores. TheraPosition™ also works better than a specialty mattress, which is designed for back comfort and not directly for the spine. In fact, a specialty mattress that is incorrectly utilized may do more damage, as it distributes weight onto the neck spine. With the help of your doctor, neck pain medical conditions can be accomodated effectively and without side effect.

Neck pain has root causes that may stem from a muscle dysfunction to a bone dysfunction.

TheraPosition™ may be useful for cases of whiplash, as a way to relax the neck bones. By resting your neck in a neutral position, you may be encouraged to relax as well. By relaxing you improve blood flow to the region, which will aid in helping the muscles to release from any contractions. It may stop muscles spasms from occurring. Your body will produce endorphins, which are a natural pain killer. Eventually, you may develop greater pain tolerance as well. TheraPosition™ may be usual in a controlled home treatment environment that your doctor prescribes along with medication, or other exercise designed to strengthen your neck.

Try TheraPosition™ today to bring up your quality of life. Everyone deserves to be pain-free and it is a good way to reduce your neck pain.

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